The Women in Nevada History Legacy Digital Project combines several research projects that spanned over twenty years. Below, visitors will find biographic information in text, image, audio, and video that fills in major gaps in the history of women’s participation in the development of the state. Learn more >

Eva Adams

Director of the U.S. Mint (1961-1969)

Barbara Agonia

Educator and women's rights

Amy Ayoub

First woman on the Nevada State Athletic Commission

Anna Bailey

Dancer and businesswoman

Selma Bartlett

Banker and Henderson booster

Judy Bayley

First woman to control a major casino, the Hacienda

Catherine Bellver

Educator and instigator of the UNLV Women's Studies Program

Karen Bennett-Haron

First African American woman appointed to Nevada's justice system

Shelley Berkley

Congresswoman, Assemblyperson and Regent

Sue Kim Bonifazio

The Kim Sisters Trio

Lorraine Hunt Bono

Lieutenant Governor of Nevada

Myram Borders

United Press International, Las Vegas bureau manager

Alice Boyer

Las Vegas Mesquite Club

Jackie Brantley

West Las Vegas civic activist

Mitzi Briggs

Majority owner of the Tropicana Hotel and Casino

Eileen Brookman

Assemblywoman and advocate of disadvantaged

Sheilagh Brooks

Forensic anthropologist at UNLV

Lucille Bryant

Housekeeping and Unions

Barbara Buckley

First female Majority Floor Leader of the state Assembly

Patricia Cafferata

First woman elected as State Treasurer

Florence Lee Jones Cahlan

Professional journalist hired at the Review Journal

Helen Cannon

Pilot and community service

Hatty Canty

Labor leader in the Cullinary Union (HERE)

Rosita Castillo

Health care advocate to Latino community

Sue Fawn Chung

Historian and expert on Asians in Nevada

Toni Clark

Desert Inn Hotel and Casino

Felice Cohn

Lawyer, drafted 1911 suffrage resolution

Rachel Coleman

Labor leader in the Cullinary Union (HERE)

D.D. Cotton

Dancer and Casino worker

Cynthia Cunningham

Women's rights activist

Faye Duncan Daniel

Civil rights and women's rights

Hazel Baker Denton

Author and legislator

Jill Derby

Regent and women's rights activist

Ruth Deskin


Renee Diamond

Social Justice and women's rights activist

Thalia Dondero

First female County Commissioner in Clark County

Geneva Smith Douglas

Radiation Biologist

Ruby Duncan

Social Justice activist

Flora Dungan

Assemblywoman and advocate for southern Nevada reapportionment

Caryll Batt Dziedziak

Historian and expert on Nevada's Equal Rights Amendment campaign

Dorothy Eisenberg

Civic activist

Kathleen England

Lawyer, employment discrimination

Rosemary Flores

Latina educator and social justice activist

Helen Foley

Legislator and Lobbyist

Lilly Fong

First Asian American Regent

Jean Ford

Legislator and women's rights activist

Maude Frazier

First woman appointed Deputy State Superintendent of Schools and Superintendent of Las Vegas Schools

Rachel Gibson

Early Las Vegas resident

Carolyn Goodman

Founder of the Meadows School and Las Vegas Mayor